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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Registration Certifciate RC not received by post after many months, Procedure for Returned RC

Date : 22 August 2012, Place : Pune, Maharastra
Bought new activa on 15 march 2012 then RC was supposed to come in 2-3 months but when i gone to inquire in RTO office they said COURIER returned no body received post..
Documents Required : Certificate of Tax(vechile tax slip), Two Address proof only Xerox copy, Rs 50, One photo, list of address proof was standard(license, lic, passport, electricty bill , index 11 etc)

Date 21 August 2012 :
Procedure: Go to RTO near to Le Meridian(500 meters ahead) soon as you enter there will be cabin "Public Relation Officer" and left of that there
will be stairs, go to first floor and go straight towards two windows on one written Driving License and Other RC. So go to RC window, at there show
Tax receipt then he will say your RC is returned by courier and wiill give you One SIngle Page Form. On that mainly name, address, date, signature these
are the things to fill nothing(form will be in marathi)..after stapling photo and filling form go to "Public Relation Officer" just at the entrance.
There an old person will ask you to give Form with Two Address Proof, stapled also. I had attached address proof as Electricity Bill, INDEX-II of my flat.
Then he will check the form and just sign it. Then go to Window No 19 for cash deposite of Rs 50...there give this form and tax receipt and pay Rs 50...You  will one recipt from there, staple that to form. Now again go upstairs at RC window and submit this form. There person will see the form and handover RC to you after taking sign.  Beaware of RTO agents outside RTO office, they give false information..they charge Rs 700 for this...they will say you are outside maharastra polic verification is must and all... they will claim in few hours they can get your RC in hand but you will struggle for months if do urself.......and one Incidence, the agent to whom i talked was standing behind me when i came to RTO next day....Agents found this simple way to make 600-700 in just few hours.....i hope this will help many...i had written in hurry excuse for errors



Priyank Raj said...

Thanks Naresh for sharing this.. I am facing same issue


Thanks Naresh, I am facing same issue and hope it will be resolved by following what u mentioned