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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Earn Money Internet

First of all there are lot of scam sites doing business in this field. They charge money from people who register with them and then they don't pay anything in return. BEAWARE, most of sites
you will encounter will be fake or scams. Most of popular sites specially survey sites provides options to mainly U.S residents for earning money. Being from India you will have very little scope of earning fast money.

How to know a site is genuine or not ?

Approach i usually take is, i put name of that site in google sometimes with keyword "review"
at end then in search result sites you will get feedback from lot of users who has been duped in past from that site. Go through those reviews and then decide which one is genuine.

Second if you generally search for sites for online earning you will get lot of links in
yahoo answers and other forums. In most of them you will find one ref id at end.
People just want to trap you for referral. They will give you assurance i had got money
from this site, click link to register, basically if you register using that link he/she will
get referral money. Thats why be aware of such people.

Third thing i follow i never register at site which charges you to become member. I will not suggest to opt for sites which ask you some registration fees/charges.

Hot List :

On sign up they had given around Rs200 then if u start taking their surveys then
before start actual survey they ask questions based on answers they judge you are qualified
for survey or not. Very rare chances to qualify. You can try your luck.

2. On article i found about sites based on PTC model(paid to click) :
here you will get list of sites with their clicks rates and minimum payout. Good comparison.

3. Blogs it explains everything about online sites from which you can earn money.

4. List of sites which are fake :

5. Survey Sites for Indians

6. Good site information about work at home jobs/freelance sites

7. Scam sites list specially for data entry

This seems to be only site on internet world which has positive feedbacks. It is not related to reading emails or sending emails or clicks it is simple Data Entry. Concept is you type and submit
data you will be paid. But twist is they charge registration fee : 50$. They claim to refund
money if you do not like site in 60 days. I recommend this site if you want to try.
Similar sites which are genuine but asks same registration fees of around 50$ :
generally it is not recommended to work on all three at same time as it becomes little diffcult to handle. So go for one and try it for few months then see how you perform.

They give some 10$ signup bonus and regularly send paid emails to your inbox , each email have advertisment, on click of that you will get 0.02$. Good but slow way of earning money.


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