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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Windows 7 Creating Partitions


If you had bought laptop/desktop which came with Windows 7 64bit and has only one partition i.e C drive and you want to create separate partitions E,F,G for songs, movies, software then read this it will surely help you :

I had bought my Toshiba Satellite A505-S69803 Christmas 2009 with 500GB harddisk and Windows 7 Home edition 64bit. When i got laptop it was only having C drive but i used to have separate partitions for songs, software, movies on my desktop computer. So i googled a bit about creating partitions in Windows 7 then some people recommended that Windows 7 also has DiskManagement using which we can shrink volumes/drives to get unallocated space for creating new drives. But i do not wanted to take any risk as C drive has Windows7 installed and playing with disk partitions is risky job. Then i looked for some freeware advance partitioning software which works on Windows 7 64 bit edition. Then i found this :

I downloaded their free Home Edition from this link :

File was around 6.8 MB then i installed that on my laptop.

I opened that software Partition Wizard Home Edition and right clicked C drive and then choosen Move/Resize to click and then moved sliders to make it 100gb from current 453 gb and remaining space it showed as unallocated after c drive. Then at left bottom i clicked on apply button which then prompted to restart window. On Restart this software Partition Wizard Home Edition started doing its job before windows even started. On boot i checked size of c drive it was changed to 100GB. Now i opened Partition Wizard Home Edition again then got remaining space as unallocated from there i created more parititions E,F,G each of 50GB softwares, 150GB songs, 1500GB movies respectively. For these it haven't asked for restart. On My Computer i was able to see these new drives.
Then from my computer i choosen to format each by unchecking Quick Format. Thats it
my partitions are ready for use.

TIP 1 : Do not let you laptop to go to sleep mode/ restart when software is operating on disk for partitioning, keep power plugged in otherwise it will create problems.

TIP 2 : If you want your drive size to be exact 150GB then on partitioning software choose size little more like for 150GB choose 150.10GB so that after actual partition gets created it will be of only 150GB. Otherwise if you will choose 150GB there actual created partition will be of 149.9GB.

TIP 3 : This software will also work on other O.S also like XP, Windows 7 32 bit etc but i had not tested on them.

hope my experience will help someone...

Naresh Yadav

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