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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Amazing Script for Twitter Users

Today found one very good script which makes very user friendly.

What value it will add to twitter :

  • Links in tweets are automatically expanded and replaced with the target page title if available
  • Hashtags are converted to Twitter search links
  • Auto-pagination is enabled as you get to the bottom of the current page. No need to click more button again and again
  • Media like YouTube videos and Twitpic images are included in-line in tweet
  • replies are included underneath the latest tweet, indented and smaller
  • Hovering over a tweet shows default actions like star (save), reply, and retweet
  • Long URLs are automatically shortened if the tweet you are typing in exceeds the length limit.
  • Twitter names get autocomplete launched by typing an @ in a tweet
  • Twitter bio text gets inserted into following/followers list
  • A tiny smilie face is added to the Twitter icon of those people who are following you
  • When viewing a specific Twitter user, Local time is added if the user's time zone is in their profile.
  • When viewing a specific Twitter user, their social graph is inserted in the bio area. Notes can be added to any user's Twitter page
  • When viewing a specific Twitter user, Map to user's location is inserted if location or geo coordinates are in their profile
  • You can add people( followers/following) to groups that show up in the Twitter sidebar

To use this script you must have Firefox.

Install link for Troys Twitter Script :

Try it if you are a twitter user if not register yourself( its fun...



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