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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Make Money from Twitter

I just want to share my expereince with a new concept i had found on Internet World.

How to start

To start earning money you need to have twitter account.
If not go to this url for signup :

Once that is done next register your self with TwtAd
using this url :

TwtAd works :

During registration they will ask you two things :

a) Your twitter account username and password
b) Paypal email id So if you have already paypal account then you can give that one otherwise
register yourself as individual on Paypal using this URL : At paypal if you
want to give you account details or not its upto you. I had skipped that till i was about to
receive money from TwtAd.

After registration with TwtAd you can select ADS to be posted on your twitter account.
At first time i had selected 3 Ads which is max allowed in a day. Because of that my account was suspended by twitter considering as spamming. So be careful try with only one AD in start.

Once you select your AD then TwtAd guys will use paypal apis and will post tweet in your
account with URL mentioned for AD in it. If someody clicks it you will earn from it.
So in this way more clicks more earnings in your TwtAd account.

Each Ad has price with it for eample 0.1$, 0.7$, 0.8$ choose max price AD.

You can withdraw amount from TwtAd only when it will reach to 20$ minimum balance.

One of the cool things is, you can have as many Twitter profiles as you want and post the ads on each one from the same TwtAd account.

Also TwtAd has a pretty referral concept as well - for each referral, you will receive 20% of their earnings for life.

So a simple, easy and fun way to earn money...



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